7 Mobile Application Security Testing Tools


Mobile application security experts detect hundreds of threats per hour, with more than 6,000 per hour coming from China alone. Shockingly, for the first time in human history, there are now more mobile devices than there are people living on Earth. Consumers also spend 87% of their phone time using mobile apps, creating plenty of opportunities for security breaches.

AppSolid can help you mitigate the danger your apps face with PROTECT and TRACK, but first you need to uncover your mobile application security risks.

Testing Your Mobile Application For Security Risks

Here are seven mobile application security testing tools you need to take advantage of now.

OWASP Zed Attack Proxy Product

A heavily maintained open source project, OWASP Zed Attack Proxy Product, is continually updated and monitored by a team of international volunteers. Testers are allowed to create, send, and test the effects of security threats, providing real-time data about OWASP’s effectiveness. The program is free, and is one of the world’s most popular app testing options.

Smart Phones Dumb Apps

Smart Phones Dumb Apps (SPDA) works on iOS and Android. By offering source code-testing scripts, SPDA enables developers to identify weak code that makes mobile applications more vulnerable to a range of attacks. The program also allows developers to run static code analyzer (SCA) scans on Java-based Android apps.


While we mentioned before that AppSolid offers a feature called PROTECT, they also have SCAN which provides you with a full app vulnerability analysis. This analyzes all vulnerabilities which may allow decompiling or reverse engineering of your app.


Another open source option, Wireshark offers frequently updated stable downloads. Unlike some other security testing tools, Wireshark allows users to monitor network traffic. This makes it an ideal option for mobile apps that do not honor a device’s proxy settings. Wireshark will only work for mobile apps that receive network traffic, not for apps such as cameras that receive no such traffic.

HP Enterprise Software

Offering a range of testing options for mobile apps, platforms, and networks, HP Enterprise Software provides comprehensive security solutions for developers across the industry. With support for Android, iOS, Blackberry, and Windows Phone, HP Enterprise Software is a good all-purpose choice for developers working across several platforms. In addition to app security testing, HP also offers dynamic scans, detects app defects, and analyzes mobile app static resources.

Android Debug Bridge

Developers can use Android Debug Bridge to evaluate app security at the command line, and comes as part of the Android Development Kit. The tool allows developers to connect to emulators, in addition to installing and debugging programs. Because Android Debug Bridge allows users to explore Android file systems, users can more easily identify security vulnerabilities. Users can also use the program as a client server.


Using a Linux operating system with custom software packets, Neopwn runs on a limited range of Android devices. Neopwn is entirely open source, and was the first company to release a mobile phone security auditing distribution. Neopwn features shell access through a number of terminal emulators, remote access through VPN and SSH, and seamless hardware integration.

Looking Towards The Future

Seventy-five percent of mobile apps fail basic security tests. If you’re not security testing the apps you develop, you’re harming app users and potentially your own business. Customers don’t come back a second time when a company’s app creates a security breach. So keep an eye toward the long-term future of your business by investing in mobile application security now.


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