8 Mobile Apps That Will Make Your Life Easier

Life as a developer is full of hiccups. The bumps in the road extend far beyond your work life, too. Weird hours, pressure to quickly create a product, and financial uncertainty can wreak havoc on your family, your health, and your financial bottom line.

You already know that mobile apps make life easier. But have you applied that simple nugget of wisdom to your own life? These eight apps can improve every facet of your life, freeing you to develop apps that change the world.

As with all apps, these apps may have security bugs. Be careful with your personal information, and don’t neglect the importance of obsessive security measures within your own apps. AppSolid is your ally in the fight for app security. Stay ahead of your competition, and give your customers better security than even you get from the apps you use.


Addicted to online shopping? Do you save time with Amazon Subscribe and Save? Then this app is for you. It’s easy to lose track of packages. That costs you time and money — particularly when you’re buying products for your business. Slice, available for both Android and iOS, keeps track of all of your orders in one convenient location. Now you don’t have to stalk the mail carrier.


You need more than just a to-do list to keep track of and successfully complete life’s many annoying tasks. The underlying problem when you fall behind is procrastination. Habitica applies the principles of addictive app-based games to your to-do list. The app gamifies positive everyday habits, and is even available in business-friendly corporate packages. Now you can turn your entire company’s to-do list into a competitive, addictive game!


Life today is more stressful than it’s ever been. It seems that endless contact, social media, and “convenient” apps only raised expectations, doing little to free up time and mental space. Except, that is, for Talkspace. This mental health app connects you to mental health professionals from the privacy and comfort of your smartphone. Get help for what troubles your mind now, without the frustration and expense of seeking out a traditional therapist. Talkspace is available for both iOS and Android, and allows you to directly pose questions to licensed therapists.


Have you ever used a paper planner? Then you know that it’s easier to manage than an electronic to-do list. App-based calendars tend to require a lot of moving back and forth between menus, and typing out tasks takes forever. 30/30 attempts to offer the best of paper calendars to meet the practical demands of the digital age. Use simple gestures to manipulate tasks, and customize the screen to suit your organizational style.

More importantly, 30/30 encourages productivity by asking you to stick to rigid time limits for each task. Complete a task in time, procrastination-free with 30/30’s assistance. Then enjoy a guilt-free break. The app builds upon research showing that frequent breaks can actually improve productivity. 30/30 is available on both Android and iOS.

Wahoo Fitness

So busy you can barely think, let alone make time for exercise? Don’t start making excuses just yet. Your physical health affects your sense of well-being, your ability to get things done, and maybe even your finances. Wahoo Fitness’s apps for Android and iOS offer 7-minute workouts, eliminating excuses for the laziest and busiest among us. Featuring a range of 30-second high-intensity workouts, easy progress tracking, and pro tips for fitness success, the app boosts motivation so you can finally get healthy.


If you hate waiting at restaurants but love to dine out, OpenTable for Android or iOS is the perfect solution. The app submits reservations to thousands of restaurants, quickly telling you when and where a table is available. Hate calling ahead to find out if you can get a table? You’ll never have to do it again with OpenTable. The app can also make recommendations based on previously enjoyed restaurants, and help you discover new dining locations up the road or across the globe.


Good time management doesn’t have to mean you spend all your time on tasks you loathe. Instead, it’s about balance. The problem is that you might not know how you spend your time. Perhaps you spend more time procrastinating than you realize. Or maybe Facebook is eating up more of your work time than you’d like RescueTime tracks with precision how you spend your time.

Securely and discreetly running in the background on your mobile devices or computer, the app provides you with clear data outlining your biggest time wasters. This can help you better manage your time by motivating you to ditch distractions and mindless work. And when you do that, you just might find some more time to go to the climbing gym, garden, or pursue whatever it is you love most.


Everyone loves food. But few of us enjoy spending hours slaving over a stove. Even if you’re a great cook, who wants to waste time on recipes that don’t work out? Mealime to the rescue! This healthy eating app allows you to exclude foods you don’t like and decide exactly how much to eat. Better yet, all of its recipes take less than 30 minutes to prepare. And forget about navigating back and forth between a shopping list and recipe. Mealime prepares the grocery list for you, so there truly are no more excuses for unhealthy eating (or endless eating from a box).


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