Best Anti Hacking Software to Secure Your Mobile App

For anyone working in the tech space, there’s little doubt that mobile applications are here to stay. The convenience and modest prices of most apps make them an easy way for consumers to engage with the businesses they love and to enrich their lives with fun, entertaining or useful tools they can add to their technological arsenal.

However, hacking remains a great concern for app developers, especially considering that many companies deal with tons of sensitive user data. As much as 90 percent of businesses were the victims of hacking in the last year, but thankfully, many options are out there for developers looking to safeguard their apps against the vulnerability of hacking.

A World of Dangers

At AppSolid, we place an emphasis on keeping your mobile application out of the hands of hackers and in your own. Over the years, hackers have gotten more and more innovative in their efforts to take down, commandeer and otherwise access mobile applications. Here are just a few of the very common activities that our software can help guard against:

  • Piracy: Hackers are known to tap into paid and unlocked applications and make them available free of charge, thus undercutting your business and taking away your control of your product.
  • Intellectual property theft: Sometimes, hackers will recycle your source code in an effort to piggyback off of your creation, putting a similar version of your product on the market in the process.
  • Modification: This activity involves unwarranted modification of your application’s logic to either service hackers directly or otherwise compromise the integrity of your business. Essentially, it’s tantamount to sabotage.
  • Malware: Rather than toying with your existing code, hackers may opt to inject their own dangerous addition to your original application and then redistribute it without your consent, doing irreparable damage.
  • Vulnerability: In lieu of making any direct changes to your code, hackers may simply choose to identify any lingering vulnerabilities that lie within your programming, setting the stage for more involved attacks down the line.
  • Data manipulation: While much of hackers’ agenda hinges on making changes to your code, this tactic actually relates directly to the vulnerability of user data. Depending on the kind of application you’ve created, this could be a devastating blow.

Security Made Simple

Regardless of what industry your mobile application may serve, anti-hacking software is an absolute must-have, as the hazards of not having a solution on hand are simply not worth the risk. While the actual coding and extent of AppSolids service offers comprehensive coverage, the security we offer can be boiled down to three simple steps:

  • Scan: Before taking further action, we’ll diagnose your mobile application using our sophisticated system to assess the level of vulnerability. Only seconds later, we’ll have the results we need to develop a course of action.
  • Protect: With our binary protection system, it takes only minutes to start laying the security precautions your app needs to keep hackers out. That’s it. No additional coding process is necessary.
  • Track: With AppSolid software in place, you’ll be able to monitor your application’s security status in real time. In the event any suspicious activity does occur, you’ll be primed and ready to act at a moment’s notice.

App-ropriate Measures

When it comes to your mobile application, there aren’t any precautions you could take that would be too overblown. After all, you need to protect all the hard work and effort your team has put into making the very best product it can. That’s where AppSolid can help.

We specialize in advanced security for mobile app developers and offer a cloud-based solution that provides the comprehensive binary protection you need to ensure that your company and your customers are defended from the malicious efforts of hackers. As you know, such criminals are often persistent and determined to wreak havoc. Don’t waste another moment with your application open for attack.


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