Penetration Testing_ManualvsAutomated

Penetration Testing – Manual vs Automated

Automated penetration testing has become a new way to replace and/or complement the traditional manual penetration testing methods. In this post, we’ll explore the concept of automated penetration testing, and how it helps organizations to discover and mitigate security weaknesses in comparison to manual penetration testing.

Operational Technology Security – the Security Blind Spot

According to Gartner, OT (Operational Technology)  is “hardware and software that detects or causes a change, through the direct monitoring and/or control of industrial equipment, assets, processes and events.” OT is common in Industrial Control Systems (ICS), such as SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems. 

10 Cost-Effective Security Tips for SMBs

Cybersecurity is essential for every organization, not only for enterprises but also for SMBs and startups. Cybersecurity threats loom around businesses to take advantage of them. This is why security by design is crucial for organizations as it could reduce the overall security cost by 70% compared to adding a security strategy at a later...

8 Recommendations for Web Application Security

Software development is a complex process that typically requires a lot of time and effort. The pressure on developers to churn out new features and meet deadlines is immense, which means coders often do not have the time and flexibility to follow secure development best practices as they would prefer. 

How Penetration Testing Helps Securing Businesses

  There are many aspects to consider when it comes to cybersecurity. From using a secure host to adding firewalls and plugging different types of security measures, businesses are often overwhelmed. However, adding proper security measures helps them prevent potential attacks and minimize risks. To help organizations, NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) provides...

4 Things to Know About Penetration Testing & AI

There are as many reasons for businesses to routinely conduct penetration testing on IT infrastructure as there are new malware and cybersecurity threats that, unfortunately, seem to pop up every day. Reading news accounts of damages brought about by the WannaCry and NotPetya malware attacks is an impetus for many organizations. For others, penetration testing...

Tweaking (extended) Isolation Forests

Introduction This blog post focuses on the optimization process and evaluation of a single component used for outlier detection. We implemented our own forest inspired solution as part of our meta learning framework. Although our usage and applied implementation are quite different, we share the (fun part of the) journey. We will limit the scope...


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