Can You Guarantee Your Mobile App Is Secured From Hackers?

Can you guarantee your mobile app is safe? Would you even consider such a guarantee? The answer is likely a resounding no, given the threatening climate today’s app developers face.

You might not be able to guarantee your app is safe. You might even know that your app is completely unprotected from a mobile application hack. Enter AppSolid. With our industry-leading binary protection, you won’t just have to hope your app is safe. You’ll know it is — with no effort on your part.

Today’s Mobile Application Climate: No More Blind Trust

A decade ago, when the first smart phone became available, customers were caught up in the hype of mobile apps. Apps promised a better, more convenient life. Most users didn’t give a second thought to the dangers these apps posed, nor of the privacy threat inherent in giving an app access to so much personal data.

As apps have grown in popularity and consumers have become more savvy, that has all changed. Particularly among businesses that rely on smartphones, securing employee data has become a top concern.

Today’s consumer wants increased functionality and convenience, alongside assurances that their phone is secure. With millions of apps available, many of which were developed by unknown companies or novice developers, a blanket promise of security is almost impossible.

But millions of apps also mean lots of competition. If a consumer cannot trust that your app is secure — or worse, if there has been a known breach that has already cost your business or your customers — they’ll simply move onto the next competitor. Think you’ve cornered the market? Think again. In this marketplace, there is always a competitor willing to take a few security-conscious consumers off of your hands.

What Your Customers Stand to Lose

You might think a mobile application hack is no big deal. With so much information circulating out there anyway, what does it matter?

That attitude can cost you customers and your business. Even customers who play fast and loose with their personal information stand to lose much at the hands of a mobile application hack. Consider the following:

  • Mot consumers share a wide range of personal information with the apps they use.
  • Some consumers keep their entire lives — private texts, emails, even questionable photos – on their phones. The right mobile application hack can give a criminal access to all of this information.
  • A criminal can wipe out a consumer’s bank account before the customer even knows the hack has occurred.
  • Rebuilding after an identity theft can take years.
  • Mobile application hacks can expose your customers to reputation destruction, and even physical danger from people who seek their location to commit property and violent crimes.
  • A mobile application hack can destroy a business. If a hack on your app destroys a consumer’s business, how happy will they be with your business?

You stand to lose everything. Your customers aren’t the only ones at risk here. Hacks routinely cost businesses hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost reputations, lawsuit payouts, government fines, and reputation repair. Can you afford that kind of loss? No business can. Even if you could, do you really want to put your business in jeopardy like that?

There’s A Mobile Application Hack Around Every Corner

With 37,000 sites hacked a day, and millions more under attack right now, it’s only a matter of time before your mobile app — or the website that supports it — become the subject of a hacking attack. Hackers play a game of numbers. They know they can’t successfully hack every site. Most won’t even try. Instead, they shoot for the low-hanging fruit: businesses that don’t properly secure their mobile applications, and the customers who use those apps.

That means that, if your mobile app is not appropriately secured, a hacker will successfully be able to attack it. Maybe soon. Almost certainly sooner than you anticipate.

What if you’ve invested in mobile app security? Think you’re safe? Think again. The more valuable the information you store is, the more likely it is that your customers will be hacked. So if you store consumer medical, banking, or credit information, if your app offers access to customer addresses or personal data, or if the information in your app can be reverse-engineered to guess passwords (by, for example, listing a customer’s mother’s maiden name) a hack can and probably will take down your mobile app. Hackers will keep trying. And if your app isn’t locked up like a fortress, sooner or later one of them will get lucky.

Can You Guarantee Your App is Safe?

It’s one thing to invest in security, educate your customers about choosing intelligent passwords, and hope for the best. It’s quite another to guarantee that your app is safe. Can you do that? We can.

Guaranteeing the safety of your app is the single best way to set yourself apart from the competition — not to mention protect your customers and your business from the constant threat of mobile application hacks. The problem is that even apparently good security is hardly good enough. Consider the following:

  • Seventy-five percent of mobile applications will fail basic security tests.
  • Ninety-seven percent of mobile applications do not use binary protection.
  • Eighty-five percent of the top 100 free games on Google Play can be decompiled.
  • Ninety-six percent of the top 100 free Google Play games can be reverse engineered.

The danger isn’t limited to apps themselves, either. Some apps provide access to a bevy of phone data. And some hacks target servers, giving criminals virtually limitless access to sensitive business data and valuable intellectual property. No one wants that.

Don’t be a statistic.

AppSolid Can Keep Your App Safe

Forget about wasting time and money in house trying to keep your app secure. It’s a losing gamble that plays with your money, your time, and your mental health. Outsource security to AppSolid instead. We stay on top of emerging mobile application hacks so that you don’t have to. With industry-leading binary protection and cloud-based security, you no longer have to worry. Let us do the heavy lifting. And let your customers benefit from our wisdom and experience.


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