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98% of Mobile Apps Are Not Secure: Hidden Risks and What You Need to Know

98% of mobile apps aren’t secured against hacking threats. 75% fail even the most basic security tests, and 96% can easily be reverse engineered. Let that sink in for a moment. That means that almost all of the apps on the market today directly threaten the financial, emotional, and even physical well-being of their users. For app developers, this presents...

7 Mobile Application Security Testing Tools

Mobile application security experts detect hundreds of threats per hour, with more than 6,000 per hour coming from China alone. Shockingly, for the first time in human history, there are now more mobile devices than there are people living on Earth. Consumers also spend 87% of their phone time using mobile apps, creating plenty of opportunities for security breaches.

Mobile security startup Seworks raises $8.2 million from SoftBank, Qualcomm, Samsung, others

Seworks, a mobile security startup that serves to protect apps from hacks, has raised $8.2 million in a Series A round from SoftBank Ventures, Qualcomm Ventures, Samsung Ventures, Smilegate Investment, and Wonik Investment Partners. Founded out of San Francisco in 2013 by a “globally famous” team of white-hat hackers, Seworks’ main customer-facing brand is actually AppSolid, a product that developers...

How to Secure Mobile Apps Using the Best Anti-Hacking Software

Seventy-three percent of Americans have been victims of some form of cyber crime. Ninety percent of businesses fell prey to some form of hacking in the last year. Developers, consumers, and law enforcement are in a perpetual battle with cyber criminals. And the good guys are losing. Even mobile apps that appear to be secure are often more vulnerable than...

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