Introducing Our New Logos

Today, we are thrilled to present our new logos.

Since founded in 2013, we have kept the company logo with “Real Geeks.” As we grew over time with a bigger cybersecurity product range serving enterprises, we decided now is the time to refine our images to portray our identity better.

We wanted a new look that is contemporary, simple, and sharp to convey our ethical hacking background without actually writing it down as a part of the logo image. Our products, AppSolid for mobile apps and Pentoma for web apps, also had inconsistent looks to one another. To be frank, it was not easy to communicate our branding identity with different images. We wanted new product logos that are cohesive so anyone can recognize right away that they are from SEWORKS.

We went through multiple phases to reach the finalized outcomes.

We achieved the new SEWORKS logo with a sleek and clean look. We also aligned the visual and font of our product logos. The target symbol is – well, security vulnerabilities that our products go after.

Starting today, you will see our new logos across platforms, on our website, social media pages, white papers and in the products. Don’t worry – Team SEWORKS is still the same Team SEWORKS. We will continue to provide the advanced offensive security approach to you.


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