Is There Really a Software That Will Secure my Mobile Application?

Over 600 million people using smartphones are unaware of the fact that they are at an extremely high risk of being hacked. Their risk is greatly due to the fact that they have apps on their phones that allow an unlimited amount of login attempts. It doesn’t take very long for a hacker to guess a person’s password, and once they do they have access to everything that was so trustingly placed into a place that was supposed to be personal private property. How is one to know that the app they are using isn’t safe to use? Or better yet, maybe you have built your own app.

Do you know how to set up all of the correct safety precautions that will stop the hacking professionals from wiping your data clean? You do not have to worry, because there is software created specifically for this purpose. It is easy to set up and will secure your mobile application. By testing the app’s code, the software can determine any vulnerabilities that exist and fix the problem before any real damage can occur.

How It Works

Mobile app security software checks your app by locating weak points or doorways that hackers might be able to use to tap into your data. The software literally initiates hacking practices in order to determine how easy it is to do and then patches up the holes once the vulnerabilities are identified. Hackers usually gain access to applications and then carry out:

Piracy. Gaining access to an app for free that should only be accessible for a cost.

A malware attack. Injecting malware or a virus by appearing to be a trusted program and then spreading into and changing the app’s programming.

Manipulation of data. The user’s data gets taken over and modified.

The software scans your application for any signs of existing weaknesses and provides you with ongoing protection, notifying you the moment anyone attempts to break in. You will receive reports on the app’s security and how any attempted attacks were remedied.

The Danger of Going Unprotected

Many people, especially new businesses, are depending on mobile devices to carry out their everyday procedures. Companies are being conducted on-the-go, virtually, on cellular and wifi networks. Because of this, users are constantly logging into their company’s sensitive data while connected to insecure networks. Employees are also using the same device they use for work for their personal activity. This makes them an extremely easy target for hackers. Once a hacker has compromised an app, they can:

  • connect to corporate resources, tapping into the email system in order to gain intelligence
  • redirect traffic so the user has no choice but to go to a malicious webpage
  • leach onto the employee’s desktop so they have access to anything that has been saved there
  • access any files or documents containing customer data

Any data breach is an imminent threat to your company’s reputation and also the reputation of your clients.

How to Protect Yourself

If you are running a business that relies on one or more mobile apps, make sure your team is on the same page. Define the necessary safety precautions each person should be taking and get yourself a security software that will ensure your data is protected. Once an employee no longer works for you, remove their access to your email servers. A number of hacks tend to come from a company’s own employee base, so make sure you can trust the people you hire and look out for any obvious red flags. Provide them with a list of policies, for example:

  • good password practices (nothing with their name, using numbers and capitals, etc.)
  • avoiding unsafe downloads
  • keeping their personal apps and browsing on separate devices

Developing these practices will help, but you can never be sure that everyone is following the rules or that something hasn’t been overlooked. The only way to be sure is to get a good protection software so your app’s activity will be tracked at all times.


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