Pentoma®’s Support for Private Cloud & On-Prem Implementations

For this year’s Halloween treat, we present Pentoma®’s support for private cloud and on-premise implementations.

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What is private cloud & on-prem support?

It is designed for those customers who are under regulations or other restrictions from using the Public Cloud for their pen testing needs. Pentoma® Private leverages Pentoma® core technology with GAMAN, but in a Private Cloud or On-Premise implementation.

Pentoma® utilizes GAMAN (General Adversarial Model Agnostic Networks), which is our novel approach used for fitting generative AI datasets, using unsupervised learning for any environment platform or service solution stack. GAMAN adaptively creates and fixes the classification for each target environment, inferring the deployment and configuration of the environment and the settings of the target. GAMAN® generates and discriminates payloads fit for the given environment. Pentoma® validates each payload in a simulated environment and finally record the risk and exposure metrics of the target environment.

Interested in adding Pentoma® Private to your environment? Contact Us.




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