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App Developers: Protect Your Source Code Before It's Too Late!

Mar 2, 2017 / by AppSolid Team posted in Mobile App Developers, Source Code


Your app doesn’t exist without your source code. That’s the bottom line. Your source code is the very basis for everything that your users experience when they log into your app. You would think that keeping such a deeply integral part of your programming under wraps would be considered the highest of priorities. Unfortunately, that’s often not the case, as source code protection is woefully under-recognized as a key element that every developer should hold dear. Especially with so many malicious hackers out there vying to attack your application, there’s no way that any developer should let his or her hard work remain so vulnerable.

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10 Tips to Help You Prevail as an Independent App Developer

Feb 23, 2017 / by Sung Cho posted in Independent App Developer, Mobile App Developers


It’s hard out here for an independent app developer. Yes, apps are perhaps more mainstream than ever before, and one might assume that this means a more lucrative future for those who dare to go it alone. While not everyone in the industry believes it’s prudent to remain unattached to the corporate side of the industry, you may yet have a fighting chance for your passion project to take off like you’d always dreamed. If you are vying to remain firmly independent in your app-developing endeavors, here are some tips you should keep on the top of your mind.

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10 Mobile App Development Companies That You've Never Heard Of

Feb 2, 2017 / by AppSolid Team posted in Mobile App Developers

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Your good reputation is your most valuable business asset -- or is it? Sometimes the best way to succeed is to stay out of the public eye while quietly doing quality work. Mobile app development companies aren’t all famous, even when they’re turning a tiny profit. So if you think you need to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in marketing, think again. Some of the best mobile app development companies are businesses you’ve never heard of.

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