App Security Insights

Quantifying the Cost of (Almost) Stolen and Tampered Apps

Jul 3, 2019 / by SEWORKS team posted in Mobile App Hacking, Security Breach, Application Security, Mobile Security Statistics, iOS Mobile Security, Android Mobile Security, Mobile Application Security, cybersecurity


Since the global launch of AppSolid® in 2016, the mobile app security solution has been hard at work protecting various Android and iOS applications. These hardened applications are distributed across different industries, such as finance, gaming, healthcare, and enterprise-class customers. It has been 3 years since AppSolid® emerged on the mobile application scene, and we thought it’s about time we share the savings our customers have realized thanks to damage prevention by AppSolid®.

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Scary Mobile Security Statistics To Be Mindful Of

Sep 13, 2017 / by AppSolid Team posted in Mobile Security, Mobile Security Statistics


It’s amazing to think back on the rapid proliferation of mobile technology over the past few years. Smartphones really only took hold with the introduction of the original iPhone in 2007, and yet, already mobile devices have become the most popular way in which consumers connect to the internet.

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