App Security Insights

The Official Launch Of Our AI-Powered Pen Testing Solution

Feb 27, 2018 / by SEWORKS team posted in Application Security, Vulnerability Scanning, MWC2018


Today we are excited to announce the official launch of Pentoma.

Pentoma is our AI-powered penetration testing solution that helps you learn your web app and server security vulnerabilities through ever-evolving remote hacking attacks. It quickly identifies holes in your web application security before hackers do, helping prevent any potential security damages.

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Introducing The New Updated Scan By AppSolid

Feb 27, 2018 / by AppSolid Team posted in Mobile App Security Testing, iOS Mobile Security, Android Mobile Security, Mobile Application Security, MWC2018


Today we would like to reintroduce Scan by AppSolid.

Scanning has always been an aspect of AppSolid, it is the first of the three-step process AppSolid uses to improve app security, but now we have revamped our Scan to be more robust and informative than ever before. The updated powerful cloud-based scanning solution provides a complete risk diagnostic of your application security holes. Scan by AppSolid’s detailed reports show your application’s critical and medium vulnerabilities and threats based on the current OWASP Mobile Top 10 risks so that you can take action.

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