What is Mobile App Security?

Every industry is rapidly realizing the incredible benefits that mobile apps provide. At the same time, this realization could result in dangerous dilemmas. Mobile apps are an extremely smart and beneficial addition to your company/organization, but failing to set up security for them at the same time is the same as offering your business’s delicate material out on a silver platter with a sign that says, “take advantage of me, I’m wide open and ripe for the picking.”

Mobile Apps Take Over

Mobile apps provide organizations with productivity gains and cost savings that can’t be ignored. Based on recent statistics, “smartphone adoption in emerging markets should look forward to mobile app store downloads doubling in the near future”. The more smartphones, the more the popularity of mobile apps grows.

Mobile apps provide:

  • simple ways to make online purchases
  • easily accessible information
  • prices
  • search features
  • user accounts
  • reviews & more

The market has expanded very quickly based on public demand and businesses have seen the popularity it brings them by joining the fold. All of that is great until your mobile app gets hacked. Thankfully, there are ways to secure your system so you can be sure it’s protected at all times.

Mobile App Security

New mobile app security assessment technology has smoothed out the process of building secure mobile apps tenfold. Testing solutions can pinpoint vulnerabilities by analyzing the app’s code during runtime on physical devices or emulators. A device-side component can assess the status of the device and communicate this to the secure mobile gateway. If the device hasn’t been hacked, other contextual data — for example location and time of access — can help organizations determine whether the activity is suspicious and take the necessary measures  and eliminate the risk.

Companies are available for hire that have set up extensive testing specifically to locate existing vulnerabilities. They do so by attempting to attack the secured system the way a hacker would and patch any holes they may come across. One of the most effective ways to improve app security is to set up protection around the services to which the apps connect.

It is very important that mobile app security is addressed from both the user’s and the developer’s perspectives.

The developers should be sure to:

  • Carefully follow coding practices.
  • Continually reassess and identify potential flaws.
  • Recognize when risk is high and immediately take action.

On the other side, users should:

  • Keep their mobile apps up to date.
  • Take the necessary steps to avoid jailbreaking or rooting devices. This is when device software has been hacked into and removed. By doing this, it allows root access to the file system or manager and the download of additional applications, extensions, and themes that could be potentially harmful to the device.
  • Be sure to never download mobile apps from untrusted third parties.

The Best Defense

Practicing both behavioral and binary static analysis can be extremely helpful to ensure a company’s security. This provides a simple way of evaluating risk by comparing the results of the analysis and the patterns related to legitimate and malicious apps.

Mobile apps that are not protected by a security system are extremely susceptible to malware. In any case, there can be no denying that having a system set up that provides security for your mobile app is absolutely necessary.


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